Crystal tears

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Produced by R. D. Liapakis

Mixed & mastered by C. Schmid & R. D. Liapakis

Artwork design by Cj Capelloti

Released by Massacre records (28th March 2014)


Søren Adamsen (vocals)

Kostas Sotos (guitars)

Máté Nagy (guitars)

Alex Chamalides (bass)

Chrisafis Tantanozis (drums)

01. Destination Zero
Heavy, melodic, groovy & fast... the representative opener of the album. About each & everyone's inner search; until we find the higher meaning, let us simply enjoy the ride!

02. The Skies Are Bleeding
A speed metal thunder about the end of the world, apocalyptic scenario. Very brutal, dramatic, yet so melodic.

03. Out Of The Shadows

Powerful heavy metal tune with tons of melodies, this is the first video-clip of the album. About new age concerns with an optimistic tone.

04. The Devil Inside

When "that" voice tells you to go insane... Always nice to get some esteem out, but what happens when it gets out of control? Very melodic, full of groove & harmony.

05. Resurrection Suicide

CRYSTAL TEARS goes thrash! One of the most extreme songs the band has ever written, tornado top speed. It talks about the ultimate rebirth out of a total reset, like a phoenix rising.

06. Psycho Pollution

This is pure heavy metal. Pounding rhythm & minor melodies. It talks about the ethic corruption of man...

07. Under Your Skin
Faces... who knows what lies beneath; the secrets, the thoughts, the guilts... Another heavy/power number with tons of harmonies being messed around.

08. Violent New Me

When the band pushes it to the limit. Metal to the pedal, furious solos & crazy bassdrum beats. The title says it all.

09. Ever Alone

Power ballad, american hard rock style. When you get that feeling you wanna hit the road & find your own peace.

10. Rock N Growl

A tribute to our favourite music. Different than the rest of the numbers found on the album, this one's dedicated to all our friends that believed in the band & supported us in various ways; from our daily friends in real & virtual life to our business partners, you know who you are, we know who you are, you're all part of our band.

11. Beds Are Burning

Originally written by MIDNIGHT OIL, CRYSTAL TEARS pays tribute to one of the most well-known & respected 80s numbers! The best way to finish the album with one of the best choruses ever written!

Generation X

Produced by R. D. Liapakis

Mixed & mastered by C. Schmid & R. D. Liapakis
Artwork design by Meran "Darkmouth" Karanitant
Released by 7Hard records (18th June 2010)


Ian Parry (vocals)

Dimitris Goutziamanis (guitars)

Stratos Dionisopoulos (bass)

Chrisafis Tantanozis (drums)
01. Inner Spirit
The opener for the album. Pure power metal track full of double-bass drums & ripping guitars. A description how to discover our inner strength, which most of us never realise we possess & learning how to exploit it.

02. Heroes
Power hard rock! Catchy harmonies & easy to remember tunes, one of the most melodic CRYSTAL TEARS' numbers! About second chances in life, regaining the former glory; it is never too late.

03. Nightmare Serenade
The debut video-track of the band. Speed, harmonies & heaviness all mixed together the best way. About a personality diverse, a fictional Jekyll & Hyde character, whose personality unfolds into a cold-blooded killer.

04. Empty Paradise
When speed & harmony unite. This is CRYSTAL TEARS' most multidimensional tune. Have you ever felt really alone? This is a tribute to lonesome strangers...

05. Crystal Tears
Melodic metal anthem at its best, full of minor & sorrowful tunes. It negotiates the irritating issue of the abuse of children & weak people.

06. In The Beginning
Heavy as it can get, lots of double-bass drums & harmonies. If you were given a chance to build your own world, how would that be?

07. Rock Until We Fall
This is what rock is all about, no compromises & honesty. This one is for the hard rockers & the hard workers in life, an anthem to rock music in its greater essense.

08. Predators
Another bombastic power metal anthem, full of speedy double-bass drums & melodies. It talks about the rich & how people in power can manipulate the masses to protect their own interests, leading nations to war in the name of profit.

09. Flesh 'N' Bone
This is a pure heavy metal tune with groovy rhythm section & tons of harmonies in a series of riffs. When we need to find the balance between reality & dreams; we are all humans in the end, made of flesh 'n' bone...

10. The X Generation
Pure speed & power, one of the fastest & angriest songs CRYSTAL TEARS have ever written, the best way to end the album. Lyrics reflect the chaos aroused by the lack of comprehension between generations.

Choirs Of Immortal

Produced & mixed by C. Tantanozis

Mastered by R. D. Liapakis & C. Schmid

Artwork design by Joe Petagno

Released by Pure Steel records (16th October 2006)


Natasa Pandreia

Dimitris Goutziamanis

Stratos Dionisopoulos

Chrisafis Tantanozis

01. Alpha And Omega
The opener for the album, a guitar-orientated intro, quite melodic & metal.

02. Sworn To Avenge
A fast & catchy galloping heavy metal tune that pays tribute to the strength of vengeance.

03. Nightmare Terror
An ultra speed number, dedicated to one of the most beloved villains of horror cinema, Freddy Krueger (Nightmare On Elm Street).

04. Rock Survivors
Pure heavy metal! An anthem to our favourite kind of music.

05. Master Of Deception
One of the heaviest tracks CRYSTAL TEARS have ever written. About politics; it feeds people nothing else but lies.

06. Μέγας Αλέξανδρος
A slow & bombastic tune about Alexander The Great's greekness. As groovy & melodic as it can get.

07. Stealer Of Minds
Another ultra fast number, double-bass-drums-orientated, a perfect mixture of melody & speed. It's all about slaves & masters in real life.

08. When The Night Is Cold
A melodic heavy metal ballad. Minor harmonies arouse the feelings of the loss of someone beloved; loss of any kind, be it distance, be it lack of comprehension, be it death...

09. And The Arrows Fall
A heavy metal tune, quite simple & very angry. Lyrics reflect the power of storming rage & the satisfying taste of revenge.

10. Legends Never Die
Bombastic, melodic, slow & heavy, everything that an epic track requires. About legendary men; they never die, they keep the memories alive.